Death Head

by Death Head

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released March 28, 2013

All tracks written by Samuel Gilliland
Produced by Michael Carroll
Artwork by ThrashWolf



all rights reserved


Death Head Portsmouth, UK

We are Death Head. We play Metal.

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Track Name: Terminator
taking hits never; felt better than this
feeling like this; ecstasy soaked in bliss
second round; craziest bastard in town
hold on i think you've had a little too much

shot, take it and you wont regret
shot, down it and prepare for the next
shot; hold it down for the effect
shot; grab a glass and (be at your best/ start again)
Track Name: Calamity from the Skies
I am abnormality,
born from the calamity,
born to release the world from
the grip of those who hid.
I was lost before
I knew what my life was for,
I am the destined one to
do as mother did.

Cling on like a parasite attempting to suck the life out of me.

I am one with its need,
am one with its creed,
I am its master.
You think only for you;
don't think before you do,
you're a disaster.

You are a weakened boy,
transformed into a toy,
a puppet in my command to
trigger when I'm near.
You are the bastard child,
born from a world defiled,
made from the rejects of me to
carry on my fear.

I threaten the life of the planet,
a calamity from the skies.

We are abnormality,
we fight the calamity,
we will protect the world
from the grip of those who hid.
I'm not lost anymore,
I know what my life is for
I fight every day and night to
tear you limb from limb.
Track Name: Insidious
Dreaming; Safe and sound inside my own subconscious
Playground for my mind to make up it's own monsters
Window for real evils to peek in
Fighting internal battles that I cannot win

Evil takes my mind
Heart beats out of time
Wake in sweat and wonder were the bargains made for real
Or am I slipping away from what is real

Clenching, dark mysterious fists around me
Squeezing all the purity and good out of me
Failing to resist all of the evil
Waking; am I awake or have I lost control?

I can never be sure
Of what I did the night before anymore
Can I control my destiny
Is it enough to not believe, am I free?
Track Name: Death Head
You murdered my family
Took them both away from me
Robbed me of my sanity
I will find the-
Ones who followed me
Screaming as they run from me
You think you will get away
I will find

Your death will come
Your death will come

Run there is no where to hide
As I roam the streets at night
There won't even by a fight
I will win
Put my foot into your chest
To my double-barrel you're a slave
On your knees get down and pray
God won't find-

Die, On the road you die
Slain by my hand
Die, by my hand you die
Slain, I'll beat you into the ground

Out on the road; out of my mind
Track Name: Fatality
Does my aroma provoke?
Does my appearance offend?
Is there a problem I can see you through?
Do you expect me to choke?
You think I will not defend?
Or do you think I am as sick as you?

This is where it all ends for you
This is what we call the end of the line

So I'm inferior to you?
So you think you've got a clue?
Well think again 'cos you're the one that's lost
You say that I'm a disease
D'you even know what that means?
You've seen the movies now you think you're tough

You bring the anger
I bring the hate
What goes around comes around
You have made a mistake; You're going down

You think that this is just another throw down
well tonight you've met your match
You think that you can be a dick in my town
well that cheque is mine to cash

Well here's the lesson now learn
'cos it takes fire to burn
and you're melting all over the place
Bit off more than you can chew
you took on me now you're through
I've made a ready meal out of your face
Track Name: Dialogue of the Dead
Speaking out, crying out
the sinners beg for mercy.
Laws defied, justified;
to take away their future.

Speak the dialogue of the dead.
Speak to those who cease to be.
Speak the language of the underworld.
The dead will set you free.

The sinners speak of forgiveness
but law his ears are deaf.
Tear the chains of the weak and
seal his fate of death.

The left hand of god meets the right
side of man and brings life and death.

Eternal rest for the wicked
entombed in mortal sin.
Seeds of death grow to violence;
harvested by sorrow.